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I spend a lot of my spare time at my Raspberry Pi. On this site you can find some odd programmes that I've written. They only run under RISC OS; if you're running any other operating system, then they are of no use to you. They are free. For licence and copyright information, see the individual application.

If you've come here looking for AntiSpam (a programme that I originated some years ago), please be aware that it has for some years now been improved and maintained by Frank de Bruijn. Please visit his Antispam Pages instead.


You are welcome to link to this home page, but please don't link to any lower levels:

• Perhaps the visitor might like something else that I've written; linking here makes it all visible;

• I reserve the right to rearrange the site; links here won't get broken.


Most of the applications here are GPL licensed and include the source. You are free to make your own changes and distribute what you have done. But please don't just distribute unmodified copies from your own site; they won't get updated, will they? Just link here, and people can get the latest version that I have released.

General applications

The applications listed below will, except where otherwise stated, run on pretty much any RISC OS platform running RISC OS 3.5 or later. This includes the Iyonix, BeagleBoard, BeagleBoard xM, Raspberry Pi and Risc PC; possibly some others too, though I haven't been able to test on all possible platforms.

UpdCaCert will update your InetDbase:CertData file if necessary.

OnPreQuit displays a user-configurable message during the shutdown of a RISC OS machine.

JDServer is a print server application. A printer, connected to a RISC OS computer, is shared out by the JetDirect (Raw) protocol.

DBack and DRest are a pair of programmes to back up drives or directory trees, and to restore them or parts of them.

FileComp is a programme to compare two files for equality. It is very fast and multi-tasks well. It does not analyse differences, so is most likely to be of use when you expect two files to be identical.

PushSend is an application to permit any RISC OS Wimp application to send alerts to a user's mobile phone using the Pushover service.

WakeUp is a Wake On LAN (WOL) programme.

Restart is a small BASIC programme to stop and restart a task.

iyoPhone is a VoIP softphone application. It uses SIP. This is only alpha quality, but it's good enough to be useful. Sadly this one is IYONIX ONLY.

Flow (updated to version 1.09 2006 December 9) is a simple flowchart drawing/editing application. It started out life under Arthur as a magazine freebie. I last edited it in 1995, yet it runs on the Iyonix! Since a few people were talking about drawing flow charts in one of the newsgroups, I volunteered to put it up here. It seems to do the simple task that it was intended to do.

LPC1114 is an application to read, write, erase and programme an LPC1114 single chip microcomputer. Only useful if you want to use the LPC1114 for simple embedded applications.

GetIPPInfo is a test app to collect IPP data from a printer that supports IPP. Please read the Help before trying to run it.

USB applications

The USB applications clearly require the computer to have a USB interface. The Iyonix, BeagleBoards and Raspberry Pi have them built in. A Risc PC will require a Castle USB expansion card, a Simtec Unipod with USB enabled, or a Simtec USB expansion card. Some applications have different versions for the Castle and Simtec stacks; later applications have a single version that auto-detects the USB environment.

DRU-R100 is an application to control a D-Link DRU-R100 USB FM radio. I think it's neat - but I'm biassed.

AVerMedia is an application to control an AVerMedia USB FM radio. I think this is just as neat as the one above, since it looks and works just the same. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST!

K8055 is a demo application to send data to, and display data from, a Velleman K8055 USB I/O card. READ THE NOTES FIRST!

Missile is an application to control one of the USB Missile Launchers that was popular not so long ago. Have fun :-)

MsgBoard is an application to drive a Dream Cheeky USB LED Message Board, originally sold by Maplin under their part number N88GA. Have even more fun :-)

RCMini is an application to drive a Dream Cheeky USB RC Car. More and more fun :-)

RCTank is an application to control an Executive Mayhem USB RC Tank Missile Launcher. Fun - is there no end to it? :-)

MBoxAlert is an application to control a Dream Cheeky Mail Box Friends Alert. I hope this will be a useful alternative way to alert users to the arrival of new mail, etc.

N56FU is an application to display and optionally log, data from a Maplin N56FU digital multimeter. It is also possible that this app will operate with other USB-interfaced multimeters with little or no modification - please contact me if you try, whether successfully or not!

MTP is an alpha version of an MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) and PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol) host application. This should enable you to transfer files in both directions between a RISC OS host and a camera, smart phone or media player that supports MTP or PTP. At the moment this will only run with the Castle/ROOL USB stack, NOT Simtec; this means it will run on an Iyonix, BeagleBoard or Raspberry Pi, but will NOT run on a Risc PC, A9Home, etc.


There are a few audio-related files in the Audio directory. They aren't sorted; there isn't a proper page.

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